Dota 2 Hero Suggestion Tool

Dota 2 Hero Suggestion Tool

Many people have problems with picking the best hero. Most of the low level players just pick a hero they wish to play. And of course when they pick that way they match making ranking goes down. Then they blame Russians and feeders or someone else. But real person to blame is them self. They just don’t know how to pick a hero in DOTA 2.

You probably think that is is really simple to pick a hero. that all you need to do is click a hero and your great play will win you a match. But if you play DOTA you will know that even your greatest play versus a mediocre players that just have heroes that dominate your hero will not be enough to win a match. And puff you lost another 25 points of MMR.

With this tool you will never ever pick a hero that will be

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YouTube Scraper and Name server Updater


Since the last post on my website I have done many bots. I created really many different bots. Many clients contacted me and many did not order the bots. But is till made them. I decided to not make cheap bots anymore because it is taking me too much time and I m not making big money. That’s why I will create serious bots. I would not make a bot under $20.

So what did I make? YouTube Scraper Bot that scrapes YouTube videos from a channel. It uses API and it is extremely fast and 100% stable. This bot can be modified and it can scrape whatever you want from YouTube.

Godaddy Name Server Update This cool bot is used by Private Blog Network users. People that have 100 accounts on Godaddy and on each account just one domain, you can with my bot update automatically name servers for each domain on each

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HTTP Post Bots


Recently I started coding with HTTP Post plugin and I made few decent bots. Advantage of HTTP Post bots is that they are way faster and more stable than normal browser bots.

Many web browser game bots are made with HTTP Post. It is not hard to code this kind of bots, but it will take you lots of time. The problem is that you need to research each header and then you need to recreate that header and send to server. It is also good to use it with APIs that many websites provide. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. But many others have APIs as well. So I will try to research that part as well.

I did make one YouTube Channel Scraper bot that use APIs, it is really fast and it can scrape all channel videos really fast and without any problems.

At this moment I am trying

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Beatport Bot and Proxyscraper

Since my last update I have been very busy. I made few bots and a few of them are still under construction. Many people contact me asking for custom bots. Few of the jobs I manage to realize and some of the people never spoke back.

But anyway, here is a list of bots I made: Beatport Play Increase – Fast bot that will increase your song plays, it sends clients to play your songs pretty fast and it can deliver up to 1000 or even more plays per day.

Proxyscraper – I made a huge bot that scrapes thousands of proxies all over the web. This bot is as well fast and delivers me proxies at fast speed. Then I test these proxies with Scrapebox and voila, i have ready 2000+ proxies.

Joke Adder – Grabs jokes from sites and post them on my WordPress jokes site. Everything is automatic and I don’t

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Merging Clipspromo to Dadaas

I decided to drop my old domain which I was originally using for boosting views on YouTube several years ago. So now I will use this domain which is related to my nickname which I see all over the internet. So is gone and until then it will redirect here. I am trying to make this website a nice simple website trough which people can contact me and hire me.

So what am I doing right now? I just finished several bots: Mass Mailer – simple e-mail that sends emails, you just fill in the form and send desired emails to your customers. You can use span text so each email is unique and much more. Backpage Bot – updated Backpage ad poster

And I am working on a few other things: At this moment I am transferring some old shop products to the new shop, transferring over 200 categories and over 1000 products

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