Software Developer &

WordPress Expert

Developing custom automation software.
Creating amazing WordPress websites
Setting up and managing Linu servers
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About ME

Working over ten years with WordPress, manipulating content, transferring sites from other CMS to WordPress.

Coding bots, scrapers and other software for over five years.

My Pride

Created many excellent websites. Many of them were sold.

But my passion is also coding various type of software to speed up your daily activity.

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Welcome to DADAAS!

Hello Dear customers,
You can order whatever service you need, and I will make sure I deliver my work fast as possible.

You can hire me to code you a software that will help you in your job. I can create you a software that can grab relevant information for you. Or maybe you need tools that can assist you in automating your daily tasks.

Also, I can create premium WordPress sites. You can see my work, and if you like it, don't hesitate, contact me.

My Skills

WordPress  - 90%

Software Developing- 80%

Server Management - 90%

Server Setting Up - 80%