About dadaas

What to say about myself?
I am a guy that loves to work on the computer. I am hanging on the computer for over 20 years. In my house, there are 4 computers at the moment. I use all 4 of them. I love to code; my favorite coding device is UbotStudio. So I m creating bots for people to automate their jobs. You can visit my working page and see what I have done and what I am currently working.

I have more than 15 years of experience with WordPress. I know all the good and bad plugins you can use on your website. I do WordPress performance optimization which can speed your websites to ultra speed.

Together with my Linux Server Optimization, your websites will fly. I have 2 years of experience in optimizing Linux servers, Mysql Optimization, Apache Optimization and server error solving. As well I have experience in deploying Nginx and creating an ultra-fast server.

I have 5 years of UbotStudio coding. Creating the various type of tools that can automate your work. I can help you make your work hands free.

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