Increasing Plays and Votes on Fiverr

Few months ago I started to give my service to other people. At this moment, I m level 2 seller, and I have 64 positive reviews. My average respond time is 2 hours. But I m responding almost instantly to all messages unless I m sleeping. I didn’t know what kind of service to offer since many services I can offer are already covered on Fiverr. I can do many WordPress based services, but they are all covered on Fiverr. So I decided to offer 2 services which I can offer at high quality.

Increasing Plays:
I can increase plays and promote music. Competition on Fiverr for promoting songs is not big. And I can sell my gigs pretty fast. I can promote, Beatport or Soundcloud songs, but also any other songs.

Increasing Votes:
Not only I can increase plays of your favorite songs or videos, but I can also increase votes on them. And I can do it on any website you like. But also, I can promote you on any competition website.

My third gig is about proofreading. For 5$, I m offering service to fix your grammar mistakes and spellchecking. I use Grammarly tool to do this. For 5$, I can proofread 2000 words. I know this service is good since I m buying articles every day over at Iwriter. And I know that this articles often come with poor grammatical and lots of spellchecking mistakes. So I use my Grammarly tool to check articles and bring the quality of my website content on a new level.

So if you like to use any of my services you can use it trough Fiverr, or you can contact me trough my website. I can do all kind of services related to SEO, Keyword Research, Web Automation or anything else related to online work. Contact me and I can give you a good, fair custom offer.

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