Beatport Bot and Proxyscraper

Since my last update, I have been very busy. I made few bots and a few of them are still under construction. Many people contact me asking for custom bots. Few of the jobs I manage to realize and some of the people never spoke back.

But anyway, here is a list of bots I made:
Beatport Play Increase – Fast bot that will increase your song plays, it sends clients to play your songs pretty fast and it can deliver up to 1000 or even more plays per day.

Proxyscraper – I made a huge bot that scrapes thousands of proxies all over the web. This bot is as well fast and delivers me proxies at fast speed. Then I test these proxies with Scrapebox and voila, I have ready 2000+ proxies.

Joke Adder – Grabs jokes from sites and post them on my WordPress jokes site. Everything is automatic and I don’t need to do anything.

Black Hat Cloaker – Did some minor modification of a custom made bot for Black Hat Cloaker Ads Poster – one guy contacted me and I got the whole picture of this bot, it is Russian website, but after that he did not respond, so I left construction of this bot.

Facebook Fan Tool – With this tool I can fast load Facebook fan pages and then navigate them by clicking a button, I use this bot for fast commenting on other Facebook fan pages that are in my same niche. This tool also contains scraper that will scrape all desired pages and save them in a file. This one is not automatic bot, it is like a special browser for Facebook.

Other than that I made a bot for my custom promotion. It is on my domestic language, but here what it does: Register email at free email provider, then with that email sign up at this specific domestic social site and after that it verify my sign up link which I got in my previously registered email. And after that it gives me likes and upvotes. It runs automatically every day.

I did some server management as well.
I did full management on and I bring it to fastest speed and great grades on GTMetrix:

But before I did management I need to move this 2GB site to new dedicated server. On the old server, it was impossible to take backup, it was using Kloxo panel. Also, I didn’t have SSH access so I just downloaded whole site and uploaded it. This didn’t go smoothly, but the owner of the site at that time gave me SSH access and I zipped whole site and unzipped on the new server. I used Webmin + Virtualmin on the new server and I really optimize it. is very busy site with lots of images. But it is running smooth.

In the above image, you can see how I speed it up on 11th October.

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