DYOR: Algorand

Algorand Ratings
  • Usability - 98%
  • Team - 97%
  • Roadmap - 93%
  • Tokenomics - 92%
  • Community - 95%
  • Donations - 0%


Algorand is fast. It can do wonders. In 2021 block proposal time is 0.5 seconds and will remain that fast but block size will grow from 5000 to 25 000 transactions. Block finalization time shrinks to 2.5 seconds and final transactions per second extend from 1000 to 46 000. Fees will stay low on Algorand forever even if the network gets used widely. A fantastic team guarantees the stability of the network. Silvio Micali is an award-winning professor from MIT. He is a leader in cryptography.

There are some concerns about tokenomics because Algorand foundation has 25% of coins of the total supply. At this moment, when not all coins are released, this percentage is higher. The team is well built, but maybe some new members unrelated to MIT would make the team even better. The community is not that excited like the community on some other coins, which, if changed, represents enormous potential. After all, Algorand is a real thing, not like some other coins currently taking spots in the top 20 market cap list.

Algorand is built for big players. Institutions like banks, large companies, even whole countries are interested in the Algorand network.


Donations are not needed, I can pay for the server, that’s not a problem. But if you do donate I appreciate it and will for sure stay motivated to share all my findings of projects I research. Also, I have added a new rating, donations rating which will prove how likely people are prone to tipping, donating a specific coin and how active is the coin’s community.

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  • Fast
  • Scalable
  • Low Fees
  • Stable
  • Good Team


  • Algorand Foundation holds a good chunk of Algo coins
  • Fresh blood that is not related to MIT may be good for the team overall
  • The community may be more active
  • Algorand loves to flirt with banks

What is Algorand

Algorand is promising new blockchain similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Algorand is proof of stake network that has one of the best decentralization mechanics. It is fast, secure, and has low fees.

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