Terra (Luna) Ratings
  • Usability - 95%
  • Team - 90%
  • Roadmap - 91%
  • Tokenomics - 70%
  • Community - 95%
  • Donations - 0%


If stablecoins don’t get rekt by the governments, then Terra (Luna) has a good future. Crypto-Verse always needs good stablecoins, and UST is just one of those coins that are raising the market cap. If nothing dramatic changes on the market, Luna usability is safe.

The team behind Terra is professional. It is actually a whole company that created this unique stablecoin ecosystem. Daniel Shin and Do Kwon are founders. And these two can say many things in the business world. Do Know is Forbes 30 under 30. This tells much about how serious this team is.

The roadmap is adjustable, and there are many things that team is looking to implement. So far this year (2021), they released many things that were very important to the whole network. At the release, everything was working fine, which just proved the team’s abilities.

Tokenomics, as already stated in cons, is a slight problem. The total supply is 1 billion; however, at this moment, only almost 400 million are circulating. The problem is that 385 million were minted by the team.
10% of those minted is held by Terraform Labs, a company behind Terra (Luna)
20% is for Employees and project contributors
20% for Terra Alliance
20% for price stability (probably company holds it too)
26% for project backers
4% is for the average Joe, aka genesis liquidity

In other words, close to 100% of tokens are held by people who are behind the Terra (Luna) company. This is not a bad thing, but in Crypto-Verse, we are looking for decentralization.

Terra Luna is well known over at social media website. Maybe communities in other parts of the world are not yet so hyped like the one in the hometown of Luna, South Korea. In South Korea, only the CHAI payment processing application has over 2 million users.


Donations are not needed, I can pay for the server, that’s not a problem. But if you do donate I appreciate it and will for sure stay motivated to share all my findings of projects I research. Also, I have added a new rating, donations rating which will prove how likely people are prone to tipping, donating a specific coin and how active is the coin’s community.

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  • Decent Team
  • Terra is Made by Well Known Company In South Korea
  • Already Backed by Large Companies
  • Unique Stablecoin Ecosystem
  • Already Have Use Case


  • Fees are better than Ethereums and Credit Card fees, however, if you compare with other networks these fees are high.
  • The majority of tokens are held by the company or their close friends.

What is Terra (Luna)

In one sentence, Terra (Luna) can be described as the central bank for digital currencies. The ecosystem has various FIAT currencies pegged to their digital stablecoin. For example, USD is UST, EURO is EUT, and so on. Stablecoins are stable because the system uses various algorithms that allow stability. On the other hand, fees for sending money over the network are minimal, and transactions are extremely fast. Terra is well known in South Korea; big local payment company CHAI uses it for their transactions. Now the Terraform Labs, a company behind Terra, tries to go worldwide and offer their services all over the world.

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