GPScapo – New Free Offline Lead Generator

Many people have emailed me recently about a tool that can help them get offline leads. I was busy, and with my experience with my joint venture partner, I had no will to go into this again. But then I decided to recreate the complete tool, to make it better, faster and offer it as a trial so everyone can test it before buying it.

GPScapo Limited Trial Version

You can download it for free, and you can play with it for unlimited time. The only limitation is that it will not give you more than 20 leads per search. Unlimited version can offer you all possible leads which go from 1000 or even more, depending on what you are searching.

Unlimited version is still not released because I wish to see your feedback and see if this project is worth a hassle. I can only promise that tool will be affordable for everyone.

Watch the limited version video below:

See Report Output:

GPScapo Report View

GPScapo Report View with Openoffice

Some anti-virus tools may trigger an alert on GPScapo, that is normal because tool behaves like a virus, but it is not a virus.

  • It writes to your disk (you want your data to be recorded in .csv file so you can use them later)
  • ?It connects to the internet and automatically browse the websites (how else would you create data)

Nothing else is done by this software. You may see all the things it does in YouTube video.

If you are interested into custom solutions that do similar things let me know: Contact Me.

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