The Secret of Successful Headline Writing

Writing a good headline is a challenge. Many writers don’t see the importance of the headline. A good headline may convert 100 times more than a bad one. You could spend time on writing a perfect article, but if the headline is not good, you just wasted your time.

Headlines are not just important as article titles. They are even more important as SEO meta title. If you have a good meta title, your click trough ratio will be much better.

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How to Write a Good Headline

Writing a good headline means following specific rules.

  • Unique Headline

The unique headline is important because you wish that your brand stands out from the pack. Maybe this is not crucial for a post on your website, but for a meta title, this is a most important factor. With a unique meta title, you can grab more attention and get more clicks. And if you get more clicks than the competition then most probably Google will position your article even higher on search engines. All of this will result in more visitors to your article.

  • On The Point Headline

Your headline needs to be specific. You need to direct a reader in the right direction. The reader needs to know about what is the article just by reading a headline. Avoid misleading headlines because that will make visitors run away from your website.

  • Urgency for Sale Headlines

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, but the urgency in the headline makes your sales convert faster. For example, let say you are selling some product that is crucial to your readers and you only have three left. You need to state that in the headline, it will make the product sell faster.

  • Useful Headline

Headlines need to be helpful and useful to the reader. Misleading or headlines that are not concerning the article are bad and not only readers will hate you, but also search engines may punish you for misleading a visitors.

Writing a headline is not easy, and many people don’t follow any tips or rules. The main goal for a good headline is to match at least one of the rules. Not all rules need to be followed because different articles require different headlines.

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