HTTP Post Bots

Recently I started coding with HTTP Post plugin and I made few decent bots. Advantage of HTTP Post bots is that they are way faster and more stable than normal browser bots.

Many web browser game bots are made with HTTP Post. It is not hard to code this kind of bots, but it will take you lots of time. The problem is that you need to research each header and then you need to recreate that header and send to the server. It is also good to use it with APIs that many websites provide. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. But many others have APIs as well. So I will try to research that part as well.

I did make one YouTube Channel Scraper bot that use APIs, it is really fast and it can scrape all channel videos really fast and without any problems.

At this moment, I am trying to make some bots that can fake votes on various sites. It is really hard because they have many tricks to recognize bots from normal users. So this part of my bot coding I still didn’t master, but scraping data with HTTP Post is my expertise.

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