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Just got a fantastic offer from They best-selling WordPress theme MAGXP that cost 69$ per year now is sold for 19$ per year. Offer lasts only 72 days so hurry up and sign up.

I grab it myself, and so far I m triumphal with this theme. You can use it on as many domains you like. No matter if you own the domains, so you can use this powerful theme for making websites for others. MAGXP is a really powerful theme. It contains integrated review system, unlimited sidebars, unlimited colors, over 630 Google fonts, 15 widgets included, unlimited layout possibilities and on top of that MAGXP theme is WooCommerce ready. WooCommerce ready means that you can install WooCommerce on it and have a nice webshop.

MAGXP Features

The theme is fully responsive, and it has drag and drops homepage builder. Drag and drops homepage builder feature means you can easy create unique and compelling websites. Developers at Mythemeshop did a great job with thisMAGXP has all the features, and it is as well SEO optimized and made for speed. We know that speed of the website is one of the factors for higher rankings on the search engines.

You are probably wondering what kind of sites I can make with this theme? Well, the answer is simple, all kind of websites. You can have Shop because as we said, this theme is WooCommerce ready. You can make Health website since MAGXP is very powerful and have 11 pre-defined layouts and one of the layouts is Health detailed design. My favorite design is Technology design. It is spotless and impressive design.

MAGXP Option Panel

If you just take a look at options panel, you will see all the power of this magnificent WordPress theme. It has many options. Options for design, options for content optimization and performance option to give ultra speed to your website.

So if you are looking for new design options or just looking for a new premium design for your site MAGXP theme is a great product for you. Not only you will bring your website to a higher level, but also with all the performance options you can have an ultra fast site. Many webmasters have ultra speed servers, but their websites are slow because of slow themes. Themes that have too many queries and too many requests are slow, and they speed performance suffers. And speed performance of the website is not just important for search engines, but also your users will love when your site becomes faster to navigate. They will browse more pages per session, and all of that will just bring your website up on the rankings.

Remember this offer last only 72 hours. So hurry up and grab your MAGXP WordPress theme. If you don’t grab it for 19$, then you can still get it under limited offer for 47$. If for some reason you don’t like this theme, please go and check other themes on Mythemeshop, because they have many themes. Even if you don’t want to spend money, they have premium themes for free and cool plugins free of charge.

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