Merging Clipspromo to Dadaas

I decided to drop my old domain which I was originally using for boosting views on YouTube several years ago. So now, I will use this domain which is related to my nickname which I see all over the internet. So is gone and until then it will redirect here. I am trying to make this website a nice simple website trough which people can contact me and hire me.

So what am I doing right now?
I just finished several bots:

Mass Mailer – simple e-mail that sends emails, you just fill in the form and send desired emails to your customers. You can use span text so each email is unique and much more.
Backpage Bot – updated Backpage ad poster

And I am working on a few other things:
At this moment I am transferring some old shop products to the new shop, transferring over 200 categories and over 1000 products in less than 2 days.
I m now coding a new bot that will grab Amazon products and post them on eBay.

But I am still available to do some work for you, so contact me!

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