MyThemeShop 5th Anniversary Party Giveaway

MyThemeShop is having a birthday party. They are celebrating 5 years, and in this 5 years, they managed to make great things. WordPress would never be the same without them.

Five years ago MyThemeShop was founded with a goal to build WordPress products and help people make their WordPress websites great. MyThemeShop is successful in that. They help many bloggers, many businesses to have their amazing internet sites.

So far MyThemeShop offers a whopping 109 themes, 29 plugins and has over 350 000 members and that number is growing every day. There are many positive testimonials about their products, and the MTS crew keeps on releasing new themes, always updating old ones and making them better, faster and SEO-friendly.


MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins

I must also mention their support system and staff. Support is one of the best I have seen. You can do all the questions and get all the answers trough their forum. I never had a problem with the support and all my issues were solved fast. If you need to change color on something and you just can’t find your CSS code, no worries, get to the forums and support staff will solve the problem like a real professional would.


MyThemeShop Dedicated Support

There are over 300 000 support tickets, and they stay with the ticket until it is solved. By reading that number of support tickets, you can say that they are experts in giving support.

If you look at MyThemeShop download history, you will see that their servers are getting melted with theme and plugin downloading. But no worries, recently they upgraded their servers, and everything runs smooth even when they receive 2 million downloads per day. And I really like the companies that pay attention to their servers. Some other companies would say they are being ddosed.

MyThemeShop Affiliate

MyThemeShop Affiliate High Commision

If you want to become an affiliate of MyThemeShop, you can just sign up, and you will be receiving highest commissions in the industry. MTS pays you 70% commission for every sale. Which means you can make some serious money as you grow with them.

Webmasters love discounts, and MTS has incredible discounts. Many times they have random discounts on random products, but they also have credit system to reward customers and make their deal even better.

MyThemeShop 5th Anniversary Giveaway

If you buy any theme or plugin on MyThemeShop, you will get a chance to win one of the birthday gifts. And gifts are really amazing; the top gift is without question Macbook Pro with Touchbar, the second is iPhone 7 Plus, third is 500$ in cash and last gift is extended membership plan.

During the giveaway period that lasts until 29th April, all themes and plugins are discounted at the 19$ price. So if you wanted to get something from MTS now is the best time to get it. Apple Macbook Pro value is 1,799$, and that is the latest model with 15″ display. Iphone 7 plus comes with 128GB memory and is worth around 869$. And five users will receive extended membership plan priced at 1480$.

Everyone can enter anniversary giveaway contest. All you need to do is buy something from their website and then share on Facebook or Tweet about this giveaway. And the last step is to leave a comment with a link to your Facebook share or Tweet. Simple as that. I hope you join the party and who knows maybe you get some gift.

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