Offline Cash Finder – Partner Scammed Me

This year I had a very bad experience with one scammer. It is really bad when you realize that there are bad people in your neighborhood. But what can you do? Sometimes you just need to let them grow. They will eventually get there. Maybe not in this life, but they will get there.

So what happened with Offline Cash Finder?

I wanted to partner up with some affiliate marketer because I’m not good at selling things. I’m good at coding and some other things that you already know if you read my about me page. So I found Rosamisslist over at WarriorForum. She was nice, we talk about our ideas over at Skype and I really like her. I said we should do 50/50 partnership. She agrees. But when I made software, and we started to sell, she gave me only 33%. She said that there would be cost to market the product. I said fine, I’m a nice guy, and I didn’t want to argue with her. But for the record, there were also costs of making the software. Sales were going good, and things were going fine. But then she stop responding to my messages. I ignored it because sales were coming in and i was thinking that maybe she is just busy with responding to me.

But after a month things were weird. She still didn’t respond to me. So I started to check her out. What I found was disgraceful. She was selling the site without even talking to me. And on the WarriorForum I hear some people had the problem with software, and she did not tell me that. I didn’t even know that there was a topic about this product. Since I found out, i started fixing the problems. But then we all realize that she scammed us all. She runs with the money. The buyer of her site over at Flippa, probably didn’t go trough with the payment and her account on Flippa is suspended for the long period now.

I wanted to find a new partner to continue work on this product, but nobody was interested. And I understand that, how can they trust me if I had scammer for a partner. Also, some customers were pissed, even at me, who did nothing wrong.

I know it has passed many days and many of you maybe even forgot about this product. But here it is an unlicensed version for everyone to use.

Download Offline Cash Finder for Free, No License Needed.


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