Transferring Domains From GoDaddy to NameSilo

I have decided to move all my domains from GoDaddy to NameSilo. The reason is simple; I hate GoDaddy coupons. Supposedly they give all kind of coupons, and none of them works. Last year they closed all renewal coupons and because of that, I m transferring domains to NameSilo.

But recently I started to buy new domains at NameSilo because GoDaddy buying code was not working as well. They offer me 2.99$ for a new domain, but only if the second year I pay 14.99$. Together this is 18$ for 2 years. You can think that this is a good deal because they give you a huge discount for the first year, but it is not. Every domain renewal after 2 years you will be paying 14.99$ since there are no renewal codes on GoDaddy.

Why is NameSilo Better Than GoDaddy

At NameSilo, you don’t have hidden fees, and you don’t need to wait for renewal codes to get a cheap domain. All domains at NameSilo cost 8.99$, and you see that is cheaper than GoDaddy. 2 years domain registration on NameSilo you will also pay 18$, just like at GoDaddy. But after that 2 years, you will continue paying 8.99$ on NameSilo while at GoDaddy you will be paying 14.99$. On long run you will be saving lots of money at NameSilo. I m not saying GoDaddy is not good, but you need to buy a ticket for their domain club, and then you have a discount on domains. But for domain club membership you should have thousands of domains. Then you will get full benefits of the domain club. But if you are a small player with a couple of domains then you better move to NameSilo.

Namesilo Domain Transfer Process

Transferring domains to NameSilo is very simple. You just need to unlock domain on your GoDaddy account. Then you ask GoDaddy to send you your authorization code. An authorization code is emailed to your account after you click a link to email you your authorization code. That is all you need to do. Your domain will be moved to NameSilo, and your nameservers will be moved too. So there is no downtime for your website. Transferring domain process can be really fast as few minutes or couple of hours. But it can also last for several days.

Or if you want a NameSilo 1$ Bonus Coupon use this code:


I was long time member of GoDaddy. I was using GoDaddy hosting, domain parking and domain registration. But lately GoDaddy is not giving any coupons, and their prices are pumped to the sky. I really don’t understand how come from the cheapest domain seller they become most expensive. And trust me, I m not the only one running away from GoDaddy. Many other people are transferring their domains from GoDaddy. Also, many people run away from GoDaddy hosting. And GoDaddy WordPress hosting is worst hosting you can buy. They limit you everything and yet your website is slower than on other shared hostings. So if you are looking for new domain registrant, I really suggest you NameSilo. They are good, simple and cheap.

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