Free WP Quiz Plugin From Mythemeshop

Mythemeshop just released a brand new plugin that can make your website stand out. And on top of all, it is free. You are trying to get your website to a higher level, but just can’t get the proper result? You try Social Media Marketing, Advertising, PPC and people just don’t stay long enough on the website?

Why not try to create some Quizzes so that people can interact on your site. They will stay longer on the site and probably browse more pages.

Quizzes are most shared pages on the Internet

If you didn’t know this statement, then you are not interacting with your visitors. 80% of all articles that are shared are quizzes. That means that your content will be most probably shared if it contains a good quiz.

All the big viral websites use quizzes and quizzes are their most favorite pages. Buzzfeed and Shopify are one of those famous sites that regularly use quizzes to entertain their visitors.

Quizzes Can Help You Grow Your Website

There are many reasons why a good quiz can improve your site. One that is most important we already stated.

Free Visitors and Free Marketing
Free marketing and free visitors when your content gets shared. And we already said that people love to share quizzes.

Get More Info About Your Visitors
By making personal quizzes, you can learn more about visitors and serve them content they like to read and share. But not only you can get info about them, but you can also get their personal info by publishing results to them after they fill personal details, like First name, last name, and most important email.

Get Bounce Rate Down
By engaging the visitors with the quizzes, you will make them stay long on the website and get them browse several pages. That will lower your bounce rate, and we know that Google ranks higher sites with lower bounce rate.

WP Quiz Features

Very Easy to Set Up
You will not have any problems with setting up the quizzes. It is very simple to use.

Social Sharing Buttons
WP Quiz comes with easy social sharing options. Your visitors will easy share your quiz with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Performance of WP Quiz is Amazing
It is secure and fast. It will not slow your website in any way. Visually it is amazing and will bring your website content on the whole new level.

Responsive and Compatible
You can use WP Quiz on all WordPress Themes. The plugin is fully responsive which means your visitors will have a clean and fast website even on mobile phones.

Share WP Quiz

With WP Quiz you can create different Types of Quizzes

Trivia Quiz
With Trivia quiz, you can test your visitors knowledge about some topic. Like movie questions or sports topics, all you can do with WP Quiz.

Personality Quiz
People low to find hidden traits of their character, so why not give them a quiz to do that? You will sure get lots of engagement if you create on the topic personality quiz.

Flip Card Quiz
Make them curious with flip cards. Or test their knowledge by flipping the card for the correct answer.

Make your quizzes interesting and engaging and if you do a decent promotion, you can really bring your website to a whole new level.

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