YouTube Scraper and Name server Updater

Since the last post on my website I have done many bots. I created really many different bots. Many clients contacted me and many did not order the bots. But I still made them. I decided to not make cheap bots anymore because it is taking me too much time and I m not making big money. That’s why I will create serious bots. I would not make a bot under $20.

So what did I make?
YouTube Scraper
Bot that scrapes YouTube videos from a channel. It uses API and it is extremely fast and 100% stable. This bot can be modified and it can scrape whatever you want from YouTube.

Godaddy Name Server Update
This cool bot is used by Private Blog Network users. People that have 100 accounts on Godaddy and on each account just one domain, you can with my bot update automatically name servers for each domain on each account. Also, it is possible to modify this bot to update specific domains on 1 account. Also, I made a variation of this bot that sets up website and then grabs name servers from there and set them on your domain provider. It works all automatically and you don’t need to spend a second on this job that many PBN users don’t want to do.

Business Info Scraper
This bot is still in BETA, but it is a good bot that scrapes all data required from various business sites. It grabs phone number, email, website name, website contact page. It is still in beta because I need to fix some part of the code.

Fake Voter
People love to fake vote. They really like to over climb competition and with my fake voter this will be doable. But this technology is still under construction and hopefully this week I will finish it.

Future Bots
I would like to create game bots. There are many popular games out there and I would really like to make a bot that can really help you be the best game player in the game. There are games where you need to be 24/7 online and do various things. With these bots, you can leave them play while you watch TV or sleep.

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